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首页  English Version  About us
首页  English Version  About us
  About us  

School of English Studies (SES)

Shanghai International Studies University (SISU)

       Welcome to the School of English Studies at Shanghai International Studies University. Established in 1956, the college is devoted to English teaching and research for over 5 decades. Its mission is to produce competent graduates and contribute to English academic research.

About us

The School of English Studies (SES) was founded in 1956. Presently, it is the largest college in faculty and students number at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU). It has developed a complete educational system including BA, MA and Ph. D programs in English-related disciplines. The English Language and Literature Program offered by SES has been listed by China’s Ministry of Education for its prominence in teaching and research as “One of the Best Six” among the over 1000 programs of the kind in China.

 SES enrolls top students from all over China and its graduates are competent in job markets for their language proficiency and knowledge in humanities. SES actively participates in international cooperation and exchanges and has steady cooperative relations with many universities in US, UK and other major English-speaking countries.

In an increasingly globalized world, SES plans to intensify efforts in internationalizing its research and teaching by establishing links with more overseas institutions of higher learning. In recent years, SES has been sending more teachers and students abroad and bringing more international scholars and students home.



Currently there are about 1,000 undergraduates, 200 MA students, 100 PhD. students and a number of international students studying at SES. The College offers two undergraduate programs –the English Language & Literature Program and the Sino-English Bilingual Translation Program. The two programs lead to Master’s and Doctorate degrees – English Language & Literature and Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, with the support of five research centers.

SES selects a number of students of excellence to be sent to overseas universities on various degree programs or non-degree programs. International students at SES mix with Chinese students in the class either as short term exchange students or as regular program students for degree study. Aiming at a higher percentage of internationalization in education, it seeks to establish links with more international institutions of higher learning.


At present, SES has more than 60 members in the teaching staff, of whom 85% hold doctoral degrees, 20 are associate professors, and 15 are professors. A fair number of the faculty have international background, and devote their expertise to classroom teaching and academic research.

Besides, we also have qualified scholars from English-speaking countries working with SES on a long-term basis or on a short-term basis. They contribute considerably to the cultural and academic plurality at the college and also serve as bridge of international exchanges.

International Collaboration

At SES, we aim to build our academic work into an international enterprise. Wecollaborate with colleagues from universities in English-speaking countries around the world—— working on joint research, organizing conferences and running joint international programs. For instance, except for exchanging students with international counterparts, we also have faculty exchanges, either inviting foreign colleagues to work at SES or sending SES staff to partner institutes for lectures or joint research.

In recent years, SES has been hosting regular annual international literature and linguistics conferences, attracting large numbers of domestic and overseas colleagues. SISU and the Chinese Ministry of Education support SES in expanding its international collaboration, especially in students exchange programs, and this will also be a priority of our future work.

The Chinese philosopher Confucius says: “Isn’t it a great joy to have friends coming from afar!” SES seeks to establish cooperative relations with prominent overseas institutions of higher learning in programs for students and teaching staff. Such cooperation would be conducted on the basis of friendship and mutual trust.


Address: 320 No.1 Building, 550 (W) Dalian Road, Shanghai, PRC. 200083

Tel.: 86+21- 35372326; (Ms. Gao)


Fax: 86+21- 35372556

Email: ses@shisu.edu.cn

For more information about SES and SISU, please refer to